Funky Enterprises LTD.

Funky pressure washing

We had our home power-washed, the gutters cleaned and the moss on the roof treated by Funky Enterprises in November 2014. They are very professional, arrived on time and did an outstanding job on our house! Rick, Funky Enterprises Ltd owner, is a perfectionist who made sure every inch was perfect. I am impressed with the follw up visits to be sure that nothing was missed. We will definitely ise the services needed and would be happy to recommend Funky Enterprises. 

Lori & Vince, Maple Ridge

We are thrilled with the results of the pressure washing of our house, mold removal from the roof, and cleaning of the gutters. The transformation was amazing and the house looks almost brand new. We would not hesitate in recommending Funky Enterprises Ltd. services, and your'll be hearing from us again!

Dorothy, Maple Ridge

  • Residential houses,
  • patios, railings, fences, etc. ·        
  • Home sale prep
  • Chemical cleaning          
  • Paint Prep          
  • Tile roofs          
  • Commercial gutter cleaning, roof drains ·        
  • Residential gutter cleaning. -  We vacuum out gutters so you can be assured your property will be free of gutter debris and mess.       
  • Moss Treatment.  We use an agricultural pump to pump product from the ground to ensure even and proper chemical ratio is sprayed on the roof.    
  • Commercial, concrete, interlocking brick, pavers, buildings, metal roofs, etc.
  • Boom lift, scissor lift, harness and repelling gear                                                                               


Pressure washing is where it all started, making Funky Enterprises what it is today. 

Our quality is unmatched in residential and commercial work.  We only use the best cleaning products,
equipment, knowledge and most important - integrity.  We pay attention to every detail.  Bottom line, we do it right.