Warrington PCI Management has had an ongoing relationship with Funky Enterprises Ltd. for close to 20 years. 

During this time we have relied on the undertaking for a wide variety of tasks including clean up, pressure washing, snow removal, salting and responding to after hours calls for break-ins, water leaks or any other issue which might come up that needs some eyes and ears on the ground quickly. 

Funky Enterprises Ltd. has always been professional and responsive, earning the respect and loyalty of our staff, tenants and clients. 

Dave Spear, Managing Director

Warrington PCI Management

  • Snow removal, salting and deicing
  •  #2 snow plow trucks
  •  #2 commercial salters
  • 15 hp snow blower
  • S 130 Bobcat and snowblade
  • Shovel men
  • Quad with snowblade and deicer We use bulk road salt, bag salt or deicer….what the client requests, job needs to be prearranged before snowfall.



Daily, Weekly and Monthly Programs

Programs to suit your needs for litter control, weed control, leaf control, storm drain basin cleaning, windows and window frames, gutter cleaning, graphity cover up, Christmas light set up and removal, small repairs, emergency calls and consultations

Funky Enterprises LTD.

Funky pressure washing